RLS Queensland History

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23 September 2012

Rugby League Samoa Queensland (RLSQ) was formed in July 2011 to meet the growing needs and demands of the Samoan Rugby League players in Queensland.

RLSQ is working under the guidance of Rugby League Samoa Australia (RLSA) which is lead by ex Toa Samoa captain, ex NZ representative, ex NRL star and the current NRL Community Development Program director and Toa Samoa Technical Advisor, Leaupepe Nigel Vagana.

RLSQ has tireless volunteers working as the Commitee, Management Staff and Coaching Staff.

In our inaugural year we held one Under 16 team and one Under 18 team. This year we have two Under 16 teams and one Under 18 team. With the guidance of Leaupepe, we have secured quality opposition to give our players the opportunity to challenge themselves against players who are either contracted or in the NRL system.

In 2012, we play NSW Country Group Teams, Gold Coast Titans and the annual game against the Queensland Maori team.
The Vision of RLSQ is to;

  • Increase opportunities for a harmonious community by constructing a common ground
  • Encourage and foster personal & cultural development
  • Draw from our own experiences and understandings to enhance our children’s pathway to a professional career                                          
  • Provide a pathway for our children to represent Toa Samoa
  • Provide an environment of learning, understanding and educating the cultural values of Samoa
  • RLS players, officials and volunteers will continually experience and uphold Fa’a Samoa at each official gathering
Matthew TuiSamoa
Rugby League Samoa Queensland